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Immo Services France Acquisition of Real Estate
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How to use ,Advanced search' and to select your domiciles

1. Choose Country and Region, insert your desired rental dates plus your desired Search criteria, this leads you to the sub-regions with your wanted kind of domiciles

2. Choose ‚all properties in the region’ or Sub-Region and Locality - click on the desired Sub-Region (underligned) and the desired Locality (underligned) in the list.                                     

3. The properties available at your dates will appear – plus objects whose availabilities we have to check first with the owners.

4. Choose Property(s) - click on the desired property (underligned) or the corresponding picture in the list.

5. Inspect the details of the property, - if they are convenient, check the Availability calendar and ask us for confirmation of the available dates by e-mail with the Availability request (located under the Contact-information). Or add more properties to your Favourites and ask us for all of them together for free dates by e-mail.

6. Availability - is not always with all the propeties visible right away, you get with your choice some properties which might not be available at your dates. Please look carefully at the rental rates - no rates mentioned for the desired period - the property is not available during this period.

7. Search criteria - the less criteria you choose, the bigger gets your choice!

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