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Information and hints concerning vacation rentals
to make your vacation in France a beautiful and unforgettable experience:

Choice and control of rental properties:  Midi-Villas co-operates in the different locations directly with the owners or with local agencies, which choose together with us the properties and control periodically their price/quality relationship following the criteria: Region, comfort, situation, charm, installations, conditions etc.

Rental rates: the rental rates are influenced by local facts and realities – properties in the Saint Tropez region are very much in demand and therefore the rates much higher than on the other side of the bay, in Sainte Maxime – even if they are comparable in size and quality. Please do not compare with your long-term rental rates at home (the owner gets these earnings during 12 months of the year): Most properties in France are let only during two months per year and the owners have to try to get their costs reimbursed during these two months. The rates per person and per day compare in general to those of a hotel of a comparable standard in a same region. Examples: Côte d’Azur, High Season (per person and day in Euro): Camping 70, Hotels: ***70-100, ****90-120, *****150-xxxx.

Property descriptions: In formulating the descriptions, some small errors – p.ex. distances, bathtub or shower, number of WC etc. – can happen, but we always try to give you a true image of the property. In some cases it could happen that some details of the inventory are not, or temporarily not available, but our local contact will try to repair or bring them to you in due time. Please inquire before confirming the reservation, if some object or situation is especially important to you, we will ask immediately the owners. The rental rate is in no case depending on such objects or situations. Therefore no rate reduction (before or after the rental) can be granted for errors in the description or missing objects of the inventory.

Equipment and furniture of the properties: The properties are in general privately owned and furnished according to the taste and like of the owners – sometimes very personal or especially for vacation use. Furniture and finishing are sometimes not of everyone’s taste and standards, but through our choice-regulations we can each time guarantee a good relation between quality and rental rates following our criteria. The beds are in general equipped with head rolls or pillows and woollen blankets.

Gardens, pools, garden furniture: Because of long dry periods and water restrictions, the gardens in the South are not as green and well kept as you may expect in your countries – an English lawn is unnatural in the South and you can find it only at deluxe-villas – we ask for your understanding. Swimming pools are normally open from June to end of September. Their care is in the hands of a gardener or of the local agency - please contact them in case of a problem.  The number of pieces of garden furniture is not always the number of persons accepted for the rental and their momentary quality not always regularly looked after by the owners.

Cleanliness: The standard for cleanness in southern countries is not quite the same as in northern regions, we would like to ask you to understand this fact – we try constantly to get better standards. If by accident there should be once really unbearable conditions, please contact the responsible local person; she will certainly see that the place is cleaned. Most    of the properties are in the countryside or are surrounded by gardens - therefore ants, beetles etc. can be found as well   in the houses. Insecticides can be of help. In some regions young, wild boars search their way into the gardens – mainly because they are fed by the vacationers.

Construction and other noises:
We cannot totally exclude that construction or renovation works are going on in the vicinity of a rental property because we or our local agency are generally not informed by the builders that something is going on. In the descriptions we inform as correctly as possible about any noise sources (street, disco, bar etc.) in the vicinity of the properties.

Pets: Dogs and cats can be taken along when their acceptance is marked in the description. If there is no mark or if they are in general not welcome, please ask us and tell us the kind of animal you want to take with you, we will try always to get an arrangement with the owners.

Precautions against theft:  When leaving the rental property, please close all openings and doors of the property, also if you are staying on the terrace, in the garden or at the pool. Park your car, whenever possible, in a closed parking or in front of crowded café-terraces and never leave anything in the car.

Local assistance: The owners or their representatives or our local agency take care of our guests on arrival, during the rental and at departure.  Of course, there is a constant emergency service of Midi-Villas to reach, if the local people cannot help in a specific case.

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